All you need to know about taboo called “anal sex”.


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There are three biblical and scientific answers that unmask that sexual position that connects the anus with the genitals, and it’s time to know them:

Sex Divine

The creator and designer of Sex is God. He design to the human being, our genitals, our sexual identity and of course our sexual relationship, this is why the sex is Divine, and even deeper than that: Sex is a fusion of lives. Sex links you with someone else forever. In the sexual relationship you unite emotionally, physically and spiritually with someone else.

The designer and creator of Sex is God. This truth holds all sexual response of the 21st century.

The fact that it is Divine and has been designed by God, reveals without doubt that not only the concept of sex is purely Divine, but the answers and sex parameters come from God exclusively.

Using the anus

Our anus has a very specific function: discard the solid food that has no utility in our body. Everything was designed with one purpose, including sex. The eyes serve to see. Feet for walking. The anus to defecate useless food. Mouth to eat and speak. The vagina to be penetrated by the penis. When we use our body parts for which they were designed, not only enjoy their maximum use and pleasure, but we honor to our Creator. Anal sex is one of the most damaging sexual pocisiones that exist, and that aside from the obvious: dirt, also must take in mind the deformation of the anus penetrated. Our anus is damaged, and much, bleeding and diseases are the result of performing this sexual practice. But even apart from physical damage, it is really amazing the emotional, sexual and spiritual damage.

Sexual damage

The genitals and anus are damaged at all way. Surprise you to know that couples who practice more “new positions” are those at the end are more unfaithful. Why? because the time comes that no longer satisfies them the sex. They do the same but not the same. That is the weapon of the devil: never satisfy you fully. The porn is an example of this: you start with porn “ligth” then follow with porn more “strong”, then with fetishes and kamasutra, then masochism and violence, and the list goes on… what happened? Sexual pleasure is severely damaged when use different designs to the perfect desing Divine, in the end nothing will satisfy you and your sex life ends up being a mess.

The vagina is no longer enough to reach the ecstasy, the sexual design has been altered forever. The caresses and kisses also excite much less. The anus is damaged and no longer excites more. You can never have a satisfying sex life and start looking for other couples, thinking that it is simply “change the body” when the problem is much deeper. We must change the heart.

Emotional damage

Understand something revealing. Sex is NOT just physical, it is also emotional. Sex is the most intense emotional source of the human being. God designed sex in such a way that every moment intimate you and your spouse not only are physically satiated but also EMOTIONALLY satiated. The split of the couples in the 21st century rests in what the emotional area remains unsatisfied.

God designed sex to MERGE most a couple. The Divine original position for sex, puts both (man and woman) face to face, at any time of Divine Design “distanced” from each other, but always remain as close as possible, being watched from the front. The emotional connection is complete. The design of anal sex is just the opeposite. Separate the couple to the place your look apart from the couple, puts women contrary to the male. The emotional area is no longer nourished.

Spiritual damage

God HATES this practice. Wait. Assimilate it, He does not support the “anal sex”. Why? Because it’s a “replicated fake” of His design, but altered. The penis is inserted into the woman but in a different place. This sexual design causes most harmful in humans beings, precisaly because it is a mockery of the original design. It’s like someone design a Social Network called “Facecook” and was exactly equal to the original Facebook, except for the colors, the original is blue, the copy is red, would be a mockery of the original design. It would appropriate something and create a replicated and mock of the designer. That’s what the devil did with anal sex.

The distance between the anus and the vagina is small and therefore the “positions” convinacion practicable between penis – vagina and penis – anus, are relatively the same. That’s why it is the most “close” to the Divine Design and therefore an aberration before the eyes of God. You do what the devil desires: imitate to God but to “their own way” and remove one of the main purposes of sex: having children. It’s amazing that overlook the obvious, AIDS was due precisely to alter the Divine Design for Sex.

The devil has always sought to alter the original state and therefore aims to introduce concepts in the human mind as “masturbartion”, “anal sex”, “oral sex” and “gay sex”, but they alter the original state of perfection that God designed the pleasure and the sex. And that is what MOST IMPORTANT. The problem is far beyond the very possible STDs (sexual), or the almost certain physical and emotional damage, the problem is that we become ENEMIES OF GOD, to the practice that “sexual style” in our lives. 



Pleasure is not bad whilst come of something GOOD.

When that pleasure comes from the Divine Original design penis – vaginal, that Pleasure is not only GOOD, but is able to reach the fullness of the concept of Pleasure. Because meditate on something: who will know better about how to achieve true pleasure and ecstasy? the Creator or who uses created things? The Designer or which uses the design? is obvious that if we seek answers must ask to Who design the sex: GOD.

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2 thoughts on “All you need to know about taboo called “anal sex”.

  1. Wow, you managed to have a complete conversation about sex, God’s design, and sin without quoting a single bible verse. Not. One. Verse.

    Dare I say it? This article (blog) is completely unscriptural.

    You mention that part of the reason anal sex is wrong is because it faces a woman away from her husband. Well that’s not always true, anal sex can be and is often recommended in the standard “missionary” position. But does this also means that vaginal sex in a position that faces her away from him is also sinful? If so, can you point to a single place in the bible where God gives recommendations or prohibitions on sexual positions? Has God’s said anything about sexual positions between a heterosexual married couple?


    1. Fear not, talk to God and He explain you all about sex and confirm you this article. The bible say us how enjoy our sexuality under the Coverage of God. You can read leviticus, revelation, romans, etc; and talk with Him of course. Thanks for reading and share.


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