Current, Prophetic, and Passionate by Jesus. So is New Generation for God.

We dream with returning the supernatural power of God to the streets. See the streets full of Disciples of Jesus showing the Glory of the living God, through healing, miracles and Supernatural wonders. We want with all the heart, Train, enable and Send to the Streets to Disciples of Jesus Christ who personally Know HOLY SPIRIT; for healing, free and transform every unbeliever with the Supernatural Power of God. Establishing Refuges and Counseling Integral Centers for radically help and bless all prostitute, alcoholic, transvestite, homosexual, lesbian, and drug addict with the Supernatural Love of JESUS​​.

Today we have presence in 25 social networks in 4 languages​​: Spanish, English, Portuguese and Italian.


Our coming soon missions:

– Establishing digital access points to Intelligent Tips in each Comercial Center (restaurants, cinemas and Lobby), Spiritual Center (Churches and places of Withdrawals) and bodybuilder Center (gyms and sports centers) in Latin America, in order to bring the Solution to those who need it. Jesus wants everyone to be happy, He not wait to we approached to Him but with love He coming to us first, and we must bring the Solution to the people instead of “wait” for people to find the solution.

-Perform plays, films, workshops, lectures and current dynamics, about bullying in each school, both in classroom model, and online. Establish a direct channel of communication online anti-bullying, and anti-bullying support office for victims of bullying. Granting current digital material anti-bullying to each school, university and educational institution (including companies), to foster a culture of love to replace the current culture of rejection. The antidote to bullying is the love of God.

– Flooding Brazil and Russia with the Supernatural Love of Jesus.

These projects are already started in the digital world:

University of the Love – http://universityoftheLove.wordpress.com

Counseling Integral Center – http://counselingintegralcenter.wordpress.com

Anti Bullying HEROES – http://antibullyingheroes.wordpress.com 

But long to take them to the physical reality. Therefore, we need people who believe in this beautiful and powerful vision and yearn like us make it a reality. Any Donation that we receive is essential in the planning of this vision.