The top-secret biblical power of Music.


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Music has an extraordinary power. A biblical power. An ultrasecret power. And it’s time for you to discover it:


Every sound and word affects us. Our soul is nourished by every word and sound that she hears throughout her life. Music is made up of sounds and words, that’s why our life and the songs we hear are intimately related. Every time we listen to music, the words and sounds we hear change something inside us, so the key is to CARING FOR WHAT WE LISTEN TO.

Each word affects us. We listen to music loaded with sex and infidelity and we automatically fill with sexual desire and resentment towards our ex; likewise, we listen to music loaded with romance and a couple, and it will automatically give us the desire to be with someone and have a romantic date; we listen to music that encourages the use of marijuana and alcohol, and we will easily tend to think about doing it; These changes affect our emotions and perspectives on life, so we must take care of what we hear in such a way that we receive the right words to succeed and live happy throughout life. Many people are frustrated, lonely and depressed or even full of sudden hatreds that attack them, and they do not understand well because they feel that, they have not realized that the songs they have been listening to have severely influenced their mood.


Sad music can not heal a wounded heart. Violent music can not free you from hatred, it is the other way around. Music controls what you feel, so if you listen to sad music, you will be sad, if you listen to violent music, you will become violent, because what you hear affects what you feel. So if you are sad listen to happy music, if you are angry listen to music of love, if you are afraid listen to music of Faith. Do not increase your negative feeling, feed your ears intelligently.

When you attend a place to do a massage or a cosmetic body treatment, you will almost always get instrumental music in the background, or very soft music, why do they do it that way? because it is proven that listening to that music helps MUCH to relax us effectively, what many still do not understand is that our spirit is affected by that soft music and that is what relaxes us. King Saul asked to play the harp when he felt uncomfortable about a situation or had to make difficult decisions, God had revealed the key: a calm spirit will always succeed in everything he does. An uneasy spirit can not think clearly and will never get good results. Many are strongly influenced by their music, to such an extent that their decisions no longer belong to them, now they belong to their favorite singer, or to what the song of the moment says, and that is destroying their future.


Everything we hear on the radio and watch on music television is designed to sell you something and is not designed to help you with something. Music is NOT bad, but what some artists do with it, it can cause many bad things. Many artists became “famous” because of the marketing behind them and NOT because of their good songs or their good voice; What does that influence your life? in everything, because then you started listening to what they wanted you to hear and not what you needed to hear.

Imagine it this way: you are the father of a beautiful two-year-old baby, and you give him a choice between a sweet treat, and a vegetable salad; What do you think he will choose? Exactly, you are absolutely right, he will choose the sweets. But suppose that then you decided to always give him sweets since he likes them, and as he always rejects the salad, you decide never to give him a delicious salad… how do you think the baby would end her life? Exactly, I would end up sick, toothless, obese and with excessive diabetes.

The same happened in music and television, they gave us sweets because we like them and they forgot to give us salads. Many artists prefer to sell, than to help; they prefer their popularity to bless your life; When you come and make music your owner, you will begin to feed on everything that she sells you and you will take it as the truth of life, and you will try to imitate what music tells you is good and that will destroy your mind, your heart and your future. Music is a perfect companion, but a lousy owner of your existence, we must be wise and nourish ourselves musically with intelligence.


Playlist is the smartest way to listen to music and control your emotional and spiritual future since you keep it “grouped” in an intelligent way that can bless you and build your life according to what you need at that moment. It is irrelevant the musical rhythm that you listen to, only take care that the lyrics do not promote sin or offend our Creator. That is listening to music intelligently.

Do not be afraid to listen to new artists and enjoy new musical rhythms, just take care at all costs that what the songs say is for your blessing and not for your destruction: if a song speaks in favor of drugging, alcoholizing, fornication, taking revenge, aborting , kill, dishonor your parents, show naked, try gay sex or disobey God, just stay away from those musical artists, because they are not interested about you and are only getting rich at the expense of your own destruction; if a song speaks to you in favor of life, forgiveness, entrepreneurship, love, friendship, purity and respect for God, give it the opportunity to be part of your favorite playlist, because the more positive words you hear , the better your life will be and the happier you will be.

Music is indispensable in our life, it is a “Divine weapon” so powerful that God allows us to use it to Adore Him and to enter His Presence. Use the musical power intelligently, and you will find the key to a life without changes of mind and you will live happily the rest of your life.

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