Divine prophecy 2018

Diseño sin título (11)

Each year God speaks prophetically to His People in order to Prepare and Bless Him. The 2017 was prophesied with several incredible phrases, among them: “The names of millionaires will be heard for helping thousands”, “Russia and Paris will be named a lot in the news”, and “The stars will turn their eyes towards the cosmos”, and its fulfillment was notorious. The prophetic words came alive. God showed once more that He uses His humble servants to transmit the Truth to His People.

The truth for 2018 is already written, will your senses be ready to assimilate it?

Divine prophecy 2018

Financial awakening

“Financial awakening, welfare in several nations, new formulas to prosper in the middle of the desert, I will supply nations that have been in financial chaos and I will awaken them for love of Myself, many will glorify my Name and others will attribute it to strategic human decisions. Period of flowering, joint nations will come out of crisis in unison for the absolute glory of My Name. Nations will mark the year as “new year” because they will grow as they did not in decades, it will be a financial change for many.

Finances will be a topic that will be talked about by word of mouth on the rooftops, but this time there will be hope on the lips of those who speak. Many will be astonished at this and will not understand, but the wise will understand that I am, and they will call me “provider of nations” before the unrighteous for the absolute glory of My Name. Close to Me and far from Me, both groups will enjoy a new period in their finances, companies will close and serve as a financial catapult to other minors and several will emerge from the ashes, I the Lord affirm it. Groups will enjoy an increase in their wealth, smaller groups will grow and although some will fall, many will be blessed by these falls. European nations will be reappointed, and groups that are alien to world reality will be heard with joy.

New pride level

Increased pride in the human heart, the human being will duplicate his pride, he will shout without fear to human pride over everything else and many will laugh. Human pride will grow in this period, a time of growth in the pride of the human being will be allowed by Me as a preamble to what I will soon do on earth.

Pride will increase, and new areas will be named next to the word “pride”, come days in which this word will be named, valued and exalted over others and the human heart will speak of what it does and thinks with pride, without fear.

Entertainment full of occult

Spiritual awakening, many will see the truth after the events, there will be a period of spiritual awakening where many will see what they did not see or understand before, hidden spiritual revelations will be revealed to the delight of My people. There will be talk of witchcraft and sorcery in the media, many will be careful while others will laugh, TV shows, series, cartoons, movies and games will be made on these issues, and will alert thousands. They will speak with perseverance and force on these subjects and many will begin to look for their answers in the occult. A negative spiritual upheaval will shake all nations, and it will become “fashionable” to speak and be a part of that hidden world. The entertainment will be affected by a rebound of these topics, and the names, characters, titles and stories will relate to the occult.

Advertising, video games, television series and video games will be full of witchcraft, sorcery and occultism. Spiritual events will shake the nations and the negative spiritual world will re-emerge strongly in this period. Little children will be attracted and will begin to name it while others will fear. The news will talk about these issues as they did not before. The use of tarot, witchcraft, illuminati, pebble and occultism will grow in the world. I the Lord decreed it.

Rulers re-directed

Wills will be twisted, changes in people who direct, rulers will be influenced by others, and will control their decisions, radical changes, changes never thought of by them will be made and directed by others. Some human wills will be twisted by force, others by bribes and even others hidden, but changes will be made to the happiness of some and changes in the lives of others. Middle managers will influence other positions with their words and will provoke new actions, those who direct will now be directed.

Words of Authority in some of My people, My people will speak again with authority before the world and without fear will say “behold, this is the truth” and many will shout, some of joy and others of anger. People will raise their voices to speak what almost nobody talks, some will be silenced and their mouths covered forever, others will continue with a soft but strong murmur. Some of my people will regain their authority before the world.

Israel seen but not heard

Israel is in My Divine clock and internal events will prepare her for what is coming upon her land. They will not be news, they will not be alarms, but events that will form and transform internally. They will see Israel but they will not hear her.

Diseño sin título (12)

Victories that will show the glory of God, because they will not be made by humans, I will show My power subtly in front of some chosen ones, and these will speak subtly of what I did before their eyes, “things without sense” will say the news, but the Mine will be delighted because they will know that I am and no one else who does it when I am happy to do it where I am happy to do it. Offices, study centers, and businesses will be manifested by people achieving personal victories.

Restart and new names

Changes, new names, new goals, new directions, restarts, will be established in this period, the news will write “restart”, “new time”, “new beginnings” and the world will know that something new is coming to delight My Name and of Mine. Companies, people, places will be renamed, some to remember the past others to visualize the future.

Lives recovered, lives far away that will return to the feet of My Firstborn Jesus, I will allow the return of my children away from My throne, and I will seek them, I will transform them and I will raise them for the absolute glory of My Name. Lost people will return to Me, and it will be noticeable in cities, families and churches. I will recover them, affirms the almighty.

Brazil and Europe will be news

Brazil, Egypt, and Europe, will be news, events around these nations, her name will be put in the news headlines and the eyes will turn to them.

This time will be the beginning of the resurgence of 7 kingdoms affirms the Lord.”

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