2 biblical and scientific answers about robofilia, sex dolls and sex with robots.

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What benefits produce the sex dolls? How will it change our emotional relationships the sex with robots? What does science and the Bible say about robofilia? It is time for two scientific and biblical answers:


A robot is an object, the same is a chair, a smart phone or a dildo, and our relationship with objects is not the same as with people. God established clear boundaries between the relationships between each of his creations, and the sexual relationship is not allowed to introduce other elements, whether natural or artificial. 

Have not you wondered why the devil is so interested in destroying the Divine design for sex? Why so much trouble in distorting the male-female sex? Because he knows the deep power that sex has to bless or curse. The human seeks sex for pleasure, without understanding that sex affects his mind, spirit, heart, body and genetics.

Sex is a living thing that gives life. All sexual anomalies devised by human debauchery, such as homosexuality, necrophilia, or robofilia, lack the power to give life, none of them produces another living being, therefore it lacks divine blessing and cover, equal to the sin of seeing pornography in the computer or masturbate with a dildo.

Robots are dead objects incapable of giving life. The robofilia is equal to the necrophilia, since both pretend to relate sexually with inanimate beings, since both the dead and the robot are beings without life, reason why the emotional, genetic and spiritual area is destroyed cursing to those who practice them and the objects of their wishes, because God has strict laws with objects that come into contact with semen or vaginal fluids, being these contaminated.

The problem is sexual ignorance, thousands are cursing their lives for lack of sex education, it is vital to educate the world about sex, its power, its limits and the Divine laws that govern it.


The technology of pleasure has destroyed human relationships, eliminating the emotional and spiritual area of our sexuality and that is aberration in front of our Creator. From dildos to virtual pornography to robofilia, the problem remains the same: to destroy God’s design by replacing the human with objects. Proponents of this type of practice have something in common: their spiritual and emotional areas are dead.

When we kill the emotional and spiritual area, we generate gender and lgbt identity conflicts, as a recent University of Tennessee study revealed that pornography destroyed social relationships, generating gender identity conflicts, insecure attachment, poor quality of relationships, and decreased sexual satisfaction. The result of allowing relationships between humans and robots beyond a boss-employee relationship will be disastrous and will generate much more profound and painful gender and lgbt conflicts.

If instead of using technology to sin and damage, we used it to progress, we were already technologically in the 58th century.

For centuries the human has sought absurd ideas to satiate his pleasure and fails, because the only source of lasting integral pleasure is in the God’s design. Sex according to the Divine model is the only one that satisfies our heart, mind, spirit and body; Sex involves the emotional, genetic, physical and spiritual area, and an objects can never have all that, the devil has made the human being see sex as a mere temporary physical pleasure, and therefore corrupts the human mind with ideas like robofilia or necrophilia.

No human-created object can substitute the God’s design, because emotional, sexual, spiritual, genetic and physically, the Divine man-woman design is irreplaceable, when we understand that reality we will advance towards the sexual fullness that God longs for us.

Important Conclusion

Sex robots already exist in several countries, have high demand despite their high cost, and are being perfected for mass consumption. If we had said NO to the liquor, millions of lives would have been saved and today we would not be even thinking about legalizing the drugs. If we say NO to robofilia now, we will save our society and we will not even think of “legalizing” zoophilia, sex with holograms, human-robot orgies, or robopedofilia; thus avoiding more curse upon our cities.

The destruction of sodom and gomorrah was due precisely to sexual debauchery: call it homosexuality, transgender, polyamor, zoophilia, robofilia… the name of sin changes but the diabolical root remains the same: change the Divine design man – woman.

Genesis 38 | Leviticus 15 | Genesis 18 and 19 | Leviticus 18

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