3 things that nobody dares to say about gay relationships.

Homosexual on Bed

There is a “new face” sexual today. Is good experiment with our sexuality? what I say them / how I behave / what I do/ with my gay friends? it’s bad “feel something special” by someone of my same sex? Fear, attraction, doubt, curiosity and even a certain amount morbid and excitement fuse to give birth to that “new face” that is slowly enveloping minds, movies and videogames, a face criticized by some, cursed with hell by other and approved by others.

1. gay sex?

Genesis 2:24 “Therefore a man will have sex and a woman and will be made ​​one, forever.”

The creator and designer of Sex is God. It was not science, the human being or evolution; God designed human beings, our genitals, our sexual identity and of course our sexual relationship, the Designer and absolute creator of sex is GOD. The fact that is Divine at 100%, which has been designed by God, and has a divine purpose, reveals without doubt that not only the concept of sex is purely Divine but the answers and parameters of sex, comes exclusively from God. Many see sex as something “separate” from God and that is totally wrong, because there is no original concept of sex unless God this 100% involved in him. Sex without God can not be called sex, because it was He himself who created and defined the parameters that define that is truly a sexual relationship.

God designed a man and a woman.
A vagina and a penis
A powerful fusion spiritual, emotional, physical, human, and mental. That is SEX.

The devil has always sought to alter that original state and thus aims to introduce concepts in the human mind as “masturbartion”, “anal sex” and “oral sex”, “gay sex”, but all of them only alter the perfection and the original state that God designed the sex. The original has no substitute. When man unites sexually penis with penis, or vagina with vagina, intends to use the body in a manner contrary to their original design. It is more than obvious that it was precisely God who design genital organs different such that together they complement in a sexual relationship. Homosexuality is not God’s design, is the re-design of the devil. If there is a planet “created” by the devil the relationships would be gay.

The dilemma is the same as tattoos, vampirism, lesbianism or a taste for the “dark”; the devil has been in charge of presenting it as something “cool” and modern and the new generation has believed. LOTS of TV shows more “current” present specifically these topics. They have ignored the lot of biblical scriptures that exist against vampirism, lesbianism and witchcraft and satan continues while devastating the blessing of many lives. Therefore God hates these music videos, TV shows or movies where homosexual relations are used to “attract more audiences,” as they are contrary to Him. The gay relationship is against the original design of the Almighty, so a penis with a penis, or vagina with a vagina, can never reach the level of pleasure, blessing and life that only a relationship under the Divine Design can get to live.

God loves you so much that He does not wants you to have simple little blessings lackluster, He longs for you it perfect.

Ideal couple…gay?

In addition there is something awesome to reveal: The Ideal Couple is formed of a Man ​​and a Woman. God does not design you alone, He design someone special, unique and perfect for you. A common mistake is to believe that your partner suitable only complements you on your emotional area… but it is NOT thus. Your Ideal couple is your complement in every area, because is an extension of yourself, that complement you in each area that form your life: is your add emotional, economic, human, social, intellectual, physical, sexual and spiritual! That is the reason for the real IMPORTANCE to join your Ideal couple exclusively, because without her NEVER will attain 100% of blessing in all areas of your life, never will be “complete” any area of your whole life.

That is the reason for the devil seeks to unite same-sex couples: want that the human beings live incomplete all their lives and that only have access to mediocrity, because it complete and perfect is exclusively in God’s Design for the relationship.

gay marriage?

Is essential to reaffirm a reality: marriage is the union of two people before God so that He bless and give His Coverage, Approval and Protection in that relationship, in other words the Marriage legalizes the relationship before God. Marriage is NOT about legalize a couple in front of the company or in front of an institution or religion, is not about legalize a relation in front of human beings or the laws of a country, but it is legalize a relationship in front of God and that reality it changes absolutely everything.

When the human being introduced concepts like “gay marriage” only is showing their complete ignorance about marriage and homosexuality. It is extremely obvious a reality: marriage has decreased dramatically, in the last decades has been “replaced” with ideologies as “Union Free”, or just “living together without getting married”, caused by the false ideal that says “live without compromises is best “; then where comes now in a society that takes years looking away from the concept of marriage and commitments, the introduction to a concept like “gay marriage”?

If Christians know that God does not give His coverage to gay relationships …
If gays which assist to the church know that God does not give His coverage to gay relationships …
So who are the homosexuals that want “marry in the Church”? Will perhaps only a “strategy” to hinder the Church? Will perhaps just a strategy to “disturbing religious”? Or discovered that they need to God in their relationship and for that they want to marry in the Church? If homosexuals really yearned “marry” because they do not go to the Legal Registry in their city? “civil” marriage is not enough? Because suddenly “need” the approval of the Church to formalize their union? It’s just pride disguised as “legalization”. Anyway there is no point wasting time on such “legalizations”.

Romans 1:24-27 “People change the natural by the unnatural, man having sex with man and woman with woman and God cursed them.”

How to call “marriage” to a relationship that does not have the coverage of God? No matter how many churches “get married” same-sex couples, or how many legal documents get… never enjoy the benefits and blessings of Coverage and Approval from God. Call “marriage” to the union of two people of the same sex is something illogical and no sense, because they will never be legally married before God, will continue fornicating even though they a paper written by a human being that says they are “married”. If approve this “law”… which would change? “Legalizing” gay relationship front of humans, legalized before GOD? Not understand that everything is a matter of pride of the unbeliever to feel superior to the laws of God? We must be wise and do not spend our resources, money and time fighting against those “human laws”, our goal is and will remain the same: PREACH THE TRUTH OF JESUS​​.

The only way to stop this “gay world” is changing the human heart and not stopping “laws” that do not change absolutely nothing. God is not concerned about these stupid laws, He has and will continue have the control of everything.


Love is the only thing worth it. Gays need not “respect”, they need someone who approaches with Love and listen them. They are human beings who feel, dreams and are looking for answers. Jesus deeply loves to the homosexuals and deeply hates to the homosexuality. Make the same. While people live far from God will live a life incomplete, that is the truth that they need to know, this is NOT about rejection, criticism or mockery, it is about LOVE. Tell them about Jesus is an act of Love, the only act of Love that can save them. LOVE THE GAYS.

God NEVER approve the gay design.
God ALWAYS Love gays.

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